Why Probiotics Are an Important Part of a Woman’s Diet

There’s probably nobody in the world today who isn’t stressed about something or the other, but those of the female gender tends to take on a large part of it. Maybe it is the female nature that constantly worries and overburdens the mind, or maybe it is societal pressures that make a woman feel like she needs to juggle everything and excel at everything she does – whether it be work, family, relationships, or other responsibilities. Needless to say, it can take quite a toll.

One of the best ways to combat day-to-day stresses, whether it be physical or emotional, is to have a proper diet and exercise. Probiotics are an important part of the said diet. They play a major role in the overall health of our bodies and in the strengthening of our immune systems.

According to Medical News Today: “Probiotics live throughout the body and are especially prevalent in the digestive tract, where they may inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms.”

Where to Find Probiotics

Bacteria is often known as the cause of infections in the body, but did you know that there are a plethora of good bacteria that enables the proper function of our bodies and help us improve our health? Probiotics are one such bacteria, and they are present in several foods that you probably already have in your diet. They can be found in a number of foods, but especially in fermented items like yogurt, certain types of cheeses, pickled fruits, and vegetables, etc. Probiotics are also available in supplement form, but you don’t need to take them unless a doctor prescribes them.

When looking to add probiotic-rich foods to your diet, it’s important to look at the bacterial strain because different strains work in different ways. “Most probiotic manufacturers measure bacteria count according to colony-forming units, or CFU. A higher CFU number means the product contains more bacteria” says Medical News Today.

Knowing which area of your health – whether it is digestive health, skin health, or other – can help you choose the right kind. Getting the desired results can take a bit of trial and error, but make sure to try it for at least a few weeks before switching to another kind.

Keep in mind finding the right probiotic can take a bit of trial and error. If you don’t see any benefits within a few weeks, then you might want to try a different strain of bacteria.

How Can Probiotics Help Women?

There are a number of ways that women can benefit from probiotics, the most prominent area being gut or intestinal health. According to Healthline, “Probiotics work by changing the composition of your gut bacteria or the metabolic activity of existing bacteria.”

What this means is that probiotics help your body flush out the bad bacteria and replace it with the good bacteria instead. This way, your entire immune system also benefits. Certain probiotic strains such as Vitamin K can strengthen your immune system. Healthline says that they are “necessary for hormone production or vitamin (e.g., vitamin K) and nutrient absorption.”

Probiotics for your Digestive System

Of all the parts of the body that probiotics can benefit from, your digestive system gets the most out of it. If you have a diagnosed digestive condition such as IBS or chronic constipation, probiotics can help regulate your bowel movements and get them back to normal. If you are on antibiotics or are worried about antibiotic-related diarrhea, probiotics can help balance things out in your body.

The three probiotics known to increase gut health are called Bifidobacteria, Lactobacillus, and a specific strain of the latter called the L. rhamnosus GG strain. According to Medical News Today, this strain “has many protective factors that may benefit gut health, for example inhibiting the growth of some salmonella bacteria.”

The source goes on to say that “Healthy gut bacteria feed on fiber and some other prebiotic foods, so you should eat a diet rich in high-fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables.”

Which Probiotics Should You Take?

Picking the right probiotic for you can be a confusing task, especially since probiotics that are out in the market are promoted for different purposes and they likely contain a combination of different probiotic strains. This could help you pick something out if you’re looking to add probiotics to your diet for a specific purpose such as improving your skin or curing diarrhea.

However, it can be challenging to choose the right product if you’re looking for probiotics that will help your overall health. Therefore, we recommend talking to your doctor so that you get the right dose of it for the right problem.